The Stories

“Hi, my name is Scott Newgent. I’m a 47-year-old transgender man. For the first 42 years of my life, I lived and functioned as a woman. Then 5 years ago I began an ongoing medical process to live my life as a transgender man. So far, my insurance and myself have been billed just under 1 million dollars for the transition process, and, like every other transgender person, I will continue to be dependent upon and spend money on drugs and doctors for the rest of my life.

During this process I have had many medical complications, some of them life threatening. If you investigate medical transitioning, you will soon discover that complications are commonly glossed over as if you were changing clothes. Undergoing this change was important for me, and it is important for other adults. But the changes I underwent should never, never, never be offered to minors.

…here is the truth. Transitioning is brutal on the mind, body, and soul…” (1)

“My name is Sydney Wright. I’m a 20 year old woman. I Spent a Year as a Trans Man.

Two years ago, I was a healthy, beautiful girl heading toward high school graduation. But after taking testosterone for a year, I turned into an overweight, pre-diabetic nightmare of a transgender man. I’m here to speak today because I’m one of many young women that have been failed by the medical system. I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a mental-health condition. I was treated with mega-doses of powerful testosterone that ravaged my body, caused me to gain 50 pounds, and put me at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and teenage menopause.

I’m not putting all the blame on the mental health people or the doctors. These are regretful choices I made as a teenager. But I trusted the doctor’s advice. They were the experts, who was I not to listen to them? – But telling an 18yo girl that mega-doses of testosterone would fix her mental health problems? They didn’t even to talk to me about other treatment options! No doctor or therapist suggested I give myself time to grow up, or wait and see what happens with counseling sessions – no doctor or therapist told most young people outgrow their feelings of wanting to be the opposite sex.

The only advice I got was to take mega-doses of testosterone.

I did this to myself for almost a year. Meanwhile, my mom was crying daily about why I was doing this to myself, all the while blaming herself. Finally, one day, my grandfather sat me down to talk about it. With tears in his eyes, he asked me to stop. That was a saving grace. I would have let this treatment kill me before admitting I’d screwed up. His intervention saved my life. Today, I continue to deal with the permanent side effects of messing up my body.

I’m not a political person. I’m just a young person that needed help from doctors, and unfortunately got caught up in this medical scandal.

More and more young people are being deceived every day, being told that the solution to their insecurity and identity problems is to get a sex change. The problem is, a person’s sex can’t really be changed. You can take hormones and have cosmetic surgeries, but that doesn’t really change your sex, or solve your problems. I wish I knew that when I was younger. It’s not known how many detransitioners like me exist, but there are lots of us, all with similar stories of medical abuse, medical mutilation, and no real treatment options other than medical transition.”(2)

“To a person undergoing gender transition, in the beginning it feels like the right thing to do, even exciting, for the first few months or years. I felt at peace for the first four or five years after I transitioned. Then I realized the high cost of that tenuous peace. Being transgendered required destroying the identity of Walt so my female persona, Laura, would feel unshackled from Walt’s past, with all of it’s hurt, shame, and abuse. It’s a marvelous distraction for a while, but it isn’t a permanent solution when the underlying issues remain unaddressed.” (3)
-Walt Heyer



1 – Testimony of Scott Newgent to the South Dakota House State Affairs committee, January 22, 2020.

2 – Testimony of Sydney Wright to the South Dakota House State Affairs committee, January 22, 2020.

3 – Walt Heyer, “Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender People Hurt Themselves,” Federalist, February 22, 2015.